Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is General Fiction Becoming A Thing Of The Past

Is general fiction becoming a thing of the past?

When I search eBook publishers, their “wants list” usually consists of romance of all kinds, from sweet to erotic, paranormal stories of any kind, fantasies (no complaints here as my story, Hike Up Devil’s Mountain, is peppered with magic and fantasy), and science fiction. Vampires and werewolves seem to have a lot of staying power these days! Do you think paranormal is a fad? I mean a REALLY BIG fad?

So my question is - has family fiction gone by the wayside? I’m talking mother/daughter trauma, father/daughter trauma, grandmother/…..well you get my drift. What about family “feel good” fiction? Do these types of stories have a place in today’s world? Do publishing houses find these types of stories passé?

I tend to write short stories. Most are under 12,000 words, so eBooks are huge for me. I have a few stories I have written, under this umbrella of family fiction.

Do I hide them in my closet, along with my best selling novel I wrote 20 years ago, or do I…..G U L P…..feed my wood burning stove?

Hike Up Devil's Mountain

Ten-year old Andy Thompson disobeys his mother and sneaks into the basement of an old abandoned house that’s due for demolition. He stumbles upon a mysterious box under an old cabinet. And his troubles begin when he looks inside.

The Crew brothers, twelve-year old Jason, and ten-year old Danny, also find their way to the basement. New to town, Jason has established himself as the school bully. A struggle ensues between Andy and Jason and the bully ends up as a toad.

Somehow, the boys must reverse the magical spell. And that means hiking up the dread mountain: fast pace, fast action and just a few scares and surprises on the way! The lives of all three boys seem destined to change forever, if they survive…

Solstice Publishing

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