Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is your Pet Peeve when reading a book?

Hi Everyone,

When you are reading a book what is the one thing you absolutely hate to see?

I absolutely hate when an author feels the need to tell the reader step by step every little thing they do as if we the reader are too stupid to know or imagine the events LOL.

For Example:
She looked at Brad and said, "I'm going to go take a shower."
Kim walked up the stairs and went into her bedroom. She got a change of clothes and then walked down the hall to the bathroom. As she turned the water on and filled her bath, she added some bubble bath. When the tub was finished filling up she sank down in the steamy hot water.

All the above paragraph did was lengthen the word count of the book LOL. We the reader don't need to know this. We know that if she is taking a bath she would most likely need to put new clothes on afterwards. We know that if she is taking a bath then she would need to fill the tub with water. These kind of step by step sentences are not adding detail.

There is a difference in adding detail and just telling us every little thing she did.

I have other pet peeves like head hopping and things but that is my #1 pet peeve. What is yours? When you read a book what is the one thing that drives you crazy? LOL

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