Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Blogger: Gary Peterson

Only 99 Cents!!!!

Looking for a touching story to read to your children at Christmas time? Try "The Timid Christmas Tree" by Gary Peterson.

Bridget is five years old and all excited about going to the woods to get a Christmas tree. When she finds just the right one, she discovers it is alive and frightened. How will she keep her brother from cutting down? Can she convince him that she isn't crazy that the tree is really alive?

A Touching Christmas story that will make an awesome bed time story all year round.

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  1. This sounds lovely! I'm going to get it for .... someone! My book is a Christmas tale too - The Christmas Village. I'll give this book a mention on my site - I think I'll do a day of Christmas books. Nice to meet you both. lizzy, I like your blog.