Monday, September 12, 2011

The Holidays Are Coming! What's your favorite recipe?

Hi Everyone,

The Holidays are coming. Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share with us all?

Post your recipes in the comment box.

Here's one that I like to do on the holidays that taste great and is 100% sugar free so it works great if you have diabetics in the family.

(This is just a method. You can use any flavors you like)

Yogurt Pie

2 small containers of sugar free strawberry yogurt (any brand)
1 container of Sugar FREE Coolwhip
1 package of sugar free jello
1 graham cracker pie shell

How to make:
take 1/4 cup of water put in a bowl. Add  the package of jello to that and stir.
Add your yogurt and cool whip to that and stir in. When it's all mixed together put it in the pie shell and then in the refridgerator to harden. It won't take long. Maybe 30 minutes - an hour

You can use regular yogurt instead of sugar free or you can use fat free instead of sugar free.

You can use any flavors that you want. You can mix an match. I like to take blueberry yogurt and strawberry jello. That one taste really good.

You can use any brand of ingredients and if you have extra time you can make the graham cracker shell by hand by crushing up the graham crackers yourself. I like to tkae the little extra help from the store and just buy the pre- made shell LOL.

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