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Guest Blogger: Sara Curran- Ross

Welcome my guest blogger: Sara Curran-Ross

So What Makes A Bad Vampire So Loveable?

So what makes a bad vampire so loveable? Is there such a thing as a good or bad vampire? Is that not a contradiction in terms??? Nobody likes a goodie goodie. They aren’t interesting enough. Nowadays there appears to be a demand for characters in literature and film that are in touch more with their shadow side than their good one. Gone are the days where you were able to identify the goodie by the white hat he wore and the baddie by his black hat. Now characters are wearing a dark shade of grey and causing a certain amount of confusion in their attraction. And this is really noticeable in vampire romances.
Ask any woman who her favourite vampire character is and she is likely to tell you either, Edward Cullen from Twilight, Erik from True Blood or Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. Ok, so Edward is a nice boy I hear you shout. But he does possess some dangerous qualities. For a start he stalks Bella Swan, stops her seeing her friend and stands over her while she sleeps. Yet millions of women love him. Don’t get me wrong I adored the first book and the movie but the whole brooding thing started to wear thin. And I am not sure I wanted my ten year old daughter reading about meek and mild Bella Swan allowing Edward Cullen to do those things to her.
If you watch True Blood you will know exactly who I am talking about when I mention the rather delectable tall Scandinavian blonde, Erik. He would kill you in an instant if he could be bothered. Yet he is far more exciting on the screen than nice Bill Compton or as he is affectionately known in the series, Vampire Bill, Sookie’s boyfriend. Even Compton’s name is a turn off.
And then there is Damon Salvatore who when he first appeared on The Vampire Diaries was killing for the pure hell of it and frightening the heroine, Elena out of her wits but we all sat there hypnotised by his gorgeous black eyes and wicked smile. Even whilst reading the book you can tell that the author, L.J. Smith enjoyed writing about Damon and his, ‘dark fathomless eyes,’ more than his respectable brother who only fed off animals. You can sense her impatience to bring Damon back on the page at every turn and you were hanging on in there with her, desperately waiting for him to reappear.
Even as an avid fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer I must confess a frisson of excitement when Angel turned into his bad alter ego, Angelis. I also noticed that when I made my own vampire character, Nathan Valancourt turn to his demon side and threaten the heroine with a horsewhip when she wouldn’t do what she was told in Ace of Swords, I had more people interested in reading the chapters on my blog!
So what is it that makes us forget our senses and play with fire? Well apart from the eyes, the super human strength that could defend you at a moment’s notice and come to your rescue as many of these confusing bad vampire characters do, every dangerous vampire hunk has to have the essential trait of vulnerability. It is that which endears or deceives us into believing that they are really a nice boy underneath and they just want to be loved. Awww! Hmmm!
Let’s look at that then. I suppose Edward is consumed with love for Bella. Erik has fallen for Sookie who ignores his advances and Damon has been rejected by Katherine and has been carrying his pain and anger around for nearly two centuries. Oh and he loves his brother’s girlfriend, Elena who refuses to acknowledge him despite all his efforts. Ok, so there’s an argument for vulnerability but there is also another important quality to these stories that enables us to walk on the wild side and live to tell the tale and that is the heroine herself.
She knows how to put the naughty gorgeous vampire back in his place when he gets out of hand. Sookie does it eloquently with her no nonsense talk, principles and fearless attitude and Elena stubbornly refuses to be afraid of Damon and capitulate to his frightening advances to make her his. Then there is the mistress of a vampire put down, Buffy. She well and truly knew how to put Angelis in his place. But I am still trying to see what Bella Swan does to keep Edward reined in. Maybe she needs a few lessons from Buffy. The video from Youtube above this post may give her some pointers!
So before you start sharpening those stakes perhaps we should consider that it is safe to indulge in liking a bad boy vampire as long as you keep your wits about you. After all he’s just a nice boy trying to get out from under all that baggage that makes him so angry. Or is he? Maybe he has just compelled you to think that way!

Award winning journalist Rebecca Eaton crosses the closed border of a troubled Asian country to interview a Human Rights activist and known terrorist. Three days later, after her reported mysterious disappearance, she turns up at the border tortured, beaten, minus her memory and one kidney.

When an attempt is made on her life in the hospital, her employer sends Eaton’s estranged ex-lover and security expert Dominic Kane to bring her safely home.

Kane wants Rebecca back in his arms. But before he can entice her into reconciliation he has to help her expose a worldwide medical conspiracy involving mass murder and the illegal sale of stolen human organs.

Kane has to protect Rebecca from the men sent to silence her and the terrorists who demand she ensures the medical criminals are brought to justice or four suicide bombs will be detonated in London.

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