Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: Kymberlee Burks-Miller

Welcome debut Author Kymberleee Burks Miller. Her book a YA paranormal romance novel Compulsion will be released 10/2011 through Schiel & Denver. There are 5 books in the Compulsion Series. Enchantment will be released in 2/2012 and there are 3 books in that series.

After Lilyann Moon's grandmother dies under suspicious circumstance, she and her eleven young family members are thrown into the world of witchcraft and the paranormal. A world they know nothing about, and need to learn fast! Lily's the most powerful witch in over five centuries, but she's untrained and uninitiated. Now the vampires have found out that the Moon line didn't end with her grandmother and they're coming to claim their prize, Her Blood! The only bright spot in this nightmare was meeting Mason, but is she in love with the enemy. She’s in a race against time to save her coven. Will Lily survive with her heart and neck intact?

Teddy O'Malley is a hip 16 year old in beginning of her junior year at a Virginia Beach high school on the Navy base where her is mother is a Lt. and a surgeon. Teddy's life gets flipped upside down when her mom gets orders to move to London, and while packing she finds a letter about her heritage, and father. Teddy's father is a Fairy, and not just any Fairy, he’s the King of Iridesia. Teddy has always asked about her dad, but was told that he left her mother when she was a baby. Her last night in the states she makes a wish on a shooting star to find the answers to the questions she seeks, and her dad . Teddy is answered by a fairy named Flynn. But is she ready for the adventure Flynn has up his whimsical sleeve? And will he really help Teddy or is she in trouble by befriending an enemy of her unknown father's?

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