Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm excited to say that Solstice Publishing has just released my book "Haunted By Her Past"

Stop by and check it out.
Stephanie Watson is in the run for her life. She is leaving her abusive boyfriend,Anthony, who is tied to the mob. She knows that he will be able to find her with little effort. She runs anyway hoping that with a good head start she will out smart him.During her journey, she finds a bed and breakfast on a ranch in Montana. Her plan is to stay only a couple of days before making her way to Canada. Those plans change when she meets Wade Jenson. His mother owns the bed and breakfast. After weeks of being there, Stephanie falls in love with Wade. He is the man of her dreams and treats her with the love and caring that she never got from Anthony. She knows deep down that it can't last and she's right. Anthony finds them and plans to kill Wade. Can Stephanie stop it before it can happen? Will she ever be safe from Anthony? Will she ever find happiness?
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