Friday, November 17, 2017

Guest Blogger: James Moushon

Breaking news: The Jonathon Stone Short Story Winter 2017 is here. Just released. Operation Sundowner

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A Shout Out to Readers would be GOOD. A PURCHASE would be GREAT. A PURCHASE and a REVIEW would be DOUBLE GREAT.

The price is right. Enjoy the Mystery, Action and Espionage.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Guest Blogger: Debbie De Louise

In memory of my cat, Oliver, who took the trip to Rainbow Bridge on November 4th, I am offering my eBook, The Path to Rainbow Bridge, free on Amazon from Monday, November 6th to Friday, November 10th.  I hope this story gives consolation to anyone who has ever lost a precious pet. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Guest blogger: Dina Rae

The Sequel, the concluding sequel to The Best Seller by Dina Rae, will be released on October 26th.  Dina Rae has written a series of blogs pertaining to the research involved in writing the book.  Here's one article below.  

Who Are the Reptilians?
Short Answer: The Reptilians are a race of aliens that resemble reptiles.  They come from the Draco constellation.  They are some times called Reptoids or Lizard People.  They tend to be tall with green eyes and scaly skin.  Like other races of aliens, they can communicate with others by using telepathy.
Long Answer: The Reptilians have been at the root of several conspiracy theories.  Some believe this race of aliens can shapeshift into very human beings.  They choose to impersonate heads of state, royalty, CEOs, celebrities, and other people of influence. Their goal is to genetically engineer humans and manipulate Earth to their advantage.  They landed on Earth over a thousands years ago on the continent of Lemuria.  Some say they were on Earth before the Atlanteans of Atlantis, some say after.  Either way, they have shaped the world to suit their own purposes.
The Reptilians became famous through author/personality/conspiracy theorist David Icke.  Icke took the race of aliens to a new level by claiming they shapeshift into Queen Elizabeth, Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, and George Bush.  He believes that the Illuminati share many of the same DNA as the Reptilians.  They are behind the Freemasons and Illuminati.  New World Order is their ultimate goal.  Icke is a very interesting conspiracy theorist, but is also very controversial.  Some of his beliefs are anti-Semitic.  He also once called himself the son of the Godhead, causing some to question his sanity.
Reptilians also make an appearance in demonology.  The snake is mentioned in both Christian and Muslim religions.  Some believe the Annunaki, a race of aliens from Sumeria, were the Reptilians.  They are responsible for much of the evil in the world.  Some say that they like to eat human flesh and drink human blood.  
A great deal of theories and fiction have been written about the Reptilians. What do you think?  Are they running the world, waiting for the moment to lead us all into New World Order?  Contact Dina Rae below.  She'd love to hear from you.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Guest Blogger: Author James Hatch

Welcome Everyone,

If you will be in Temple Texas Dec. 17 stop by and meet author James Hatch. 

Presenting "Ordinary People; Extraordinary Lives" at the Temple Public Library at 6 Dec 17. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Guest Blogger: Author KateMarie Collins

Congrats to KateMarie Collins for making it to the short list for the Author Of The Year!

We are all here crossing our fingers that you win!

Follow KateMarie on Twitter  @DaughterHauk


Find all of her books on Amazon here:

Friday, October 20, 2017

Guest blogger: Sadie K. Frazier

Hi Everyone,

Welcome my guest blogger today author Sadie K. Frazier.

Sadie is here today to announce her next event. Stop by and meet her if you can.

November 12 from 1-3pm. 
The event is at the Council Bluffs Public Library

Available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Road Less Travelled

Mia had dreams of being successful and becoming a Best-Selling author but she wouldn’t take shortcuts to get there. She worked hard in every aspect of her life.

She didn’t have much family to speak of but Nate and Mary were more family to her than her real family. She would do anything for them and they for her. They owned the diner that Mia worked at. 

Everything changed for Mia when Nate had to have a back surgery and be out of work for weeks. They called in their nephew, Mason, to help them during their time of need. Mia knew Mason when she was a child but hadn’t seen him in years. She didn’t know what to expect since the only thing she could remember was a boy that used to pick on her and pull her ponytail when they were young.
Mia and Mason spent a lot of time together as the weeks passed. They grew closer and both gave everything they had to help Nate and Mary. 

Mia got a call from a film producer interested in one of her books but she needed to fly to L.A. to have a meeting with him. She didn’t want to go alone because it would be nice to have a friend along for the trip. However, there was no way that Mary or Nate could come with her because of Nate’s surgery. Mia was surprised when Mason offered to go along with her. 
Was Mason only spending time with Mia because he felt like he should? Or Were they beginning to become more than friends?