Friday, April 13, 2018

Karma Is A Bitch

Karmas are immortals that kept the not so good people in line. They lived by the motto “Do bad things bad things will happen.” Tessa Waters was one of the best Karmas of the Karma realm. However, she wasn’t the fastest. She would watch over the realms, Earth, being her main realm. When she saw somebody not behaving she would send down a Karma punishment on that person. They were always funny and made the other Karmas laugh but she wasn’t fast enough. The head Karma thought it would help Tessa if instead of watching from a far she went down to Earth and passed out the punishments up close. Maybe that would make her faster. She could not return until she hit 100 Karmas. Tessa thought that would be no problem. Until the trickster of all tricksters, Loki, got in her way. How was she supposed to pass out Karmas if Loki was right in the way playing pranks on everyone? Now Tessa had to deal with the trouble makers and Loki. How was she supposed to hit her goal of 100 and make it back home? 

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Ravencrest Book One: Lucinda's Story

Lucinda Ravencrest’s whole world was turned upside down when her aunt that she barely knew left an estate to her. There were stipulations to it. She could not sell the estate and she had to take care of the people who lived there was what she was told.

What she found out when she got there was nothing like she was told. Secrets started to come out, and some were downright crazy

Lucinda didn’t know whether to run or to embrace this crazy new life. How was she to handle all of this?

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5 stars from:
Reviewed By Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite
An absent member of a dynamic magical family is restored in the fascinating novella, Lucinda's Story (Ravencrest Series Book 1), by Lizzy Stevens and Steve Miller. Lucinda is orphaned after losing her father in a hunting accident and her mother to cancer. Aunt Agnes, her father's sister, is the only family she has left. Lucinda doesn't know her very well as she only sees her aunt once or twice a year. Unfortunately, just before her twenty-fifth birthday, Lucinda is informed that her Aunt Agnes has passed away. Aunt Agnes has left her estate to Lucinda. However, there are unconventional terms attached to the will. Lucinda must make Aunt Agnes's home her residence, and she may never sell it. The other stipulations are to maintain the property and care for those who live within its borders. Never having visited her Aunt Agnes there, Lucinda is puzzled by the last two conditions of the will. Who will Lucinda be caring for? Most importantly, why can't they take care of themselves?

Lucinda's Story (Ravencrest Series Book 1) by Lizzy Stevens and Steve Miller is an engaging short story of a young woman who comes into her power. It is the enchanting first episode of a new series, and it contains the hallmarks for a thrilling sequel. This initial installment is the introduction to Lucinda's character and her role in the series. This charming novella is eloquent and smoothly flows until it comes to an abrupt halt, awaiting a thrilling debacle to ensue in the forthcoming episodes. This is a captivating short read that will appeal to those who love stories which embrace the concepts of good versus evil magic.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Guest Blogger: Patrick V. Whalen

Traitors, Heroes, or Gods

This is the first book in the Journey series and this installment leads you on an adventure from an astonishing discovery at a remote, desert location in Africa to the bottom of a frozen lake in Alaska, and then far, far beyond.  A motley group works feverishly (but not always in harmony) to save themselves and their discovery from a power-hungry politician, a ruthless drug cartel leader, and a demon.  In the process, some find God and lead others to Him. Then, the stakes go up to galactic levels when their discovery informs them of a ruthless race who will inevitably invade Earth.  The group is left with the quandary of how to thread between the unpreventable attack and the annihilation of humanity.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Laugh of The Day

Here is a laugh of the day for you. Brought to you by my Sister & Brother :) 

The other day my sister calls me up. She says that our brother has a birthday coming up and she found the funniest shirt at the store. I said Oh yeah. She says yeah. 

It has on it " I don't give a" and then there is a picture of a a mouse and a donkey.  

So I laugh I say oh funny. I don't give a rats ass. I get it. Funny. He will like that.

Ok so let me just say that my sister isn't old. My sister is 43. Just to put this in your mind LOL. So you don't think we are old. I'm 41 she is 43. So she says I'm coming in for a visit. Will be there in a couple of days. I say ok. So that's the end of that.

Bringing us to last night....

My sister is on one couch. I'm on another. And there is a knock at my door. It is my brother. He comes in. And my sister says. What are you wearing? I look over and he is wearing the exact same shirt that she just bought him. LMAO

I start laughing as she explains that she had just bought him one for his birthday. And it gets funnier.

He says well I can put it with the other one at my house. LMAO

apparently he had the one he was wearing, one at his house, and she had bought him another one. All of the exact same shirt. 

Because every time she goes to the store she sees this shirt, thinks it's funny and think hey you know what my brother would think this is really funny. So for the past 3 years she has bought him the exact same shirt for his birthday. And he just takes it and says thank you and never says a word until this time when she made a point of saying something. So then he went ahead and told her. LMAO 

Don't we all do crazy stuff like this. 

Too funny. We all laughed so hard.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Guest Blogger: James Stanley

Welcome James Stanley to my blog today!

1) What's the name of your book?

Pursuit by James Stanley.

2) What is it about?

It's about authoritarianism and North Korea in particular. Charles Bates, the protagonist, is on the run. And he may not make it. Both the Free State and the Great State hold a number of tricky traps for insurgents, spies, and also runaways. The herculean size of the government may use even the average homeless man to be on the watch for Bates. 

3) What type of book is it?

It's a speculative fiction, urban-fantasy/dystopia novel. Fascinating in content and intriguing in detail, it describes a lot of parallels you can find in North Korea today. Charles Bates, the protagonist, is a uniquely self-reliant character that pursues life in a different country. Though as plucky as he is, he fails to recognize the intensity of the State Department's pursuit, and the sheer magnitude of the Great State government.

4) What makes the book stand out?

Well, it's timely and relevant to today's geopolitical issues-North Korea's leader may be "a little rocket man" to Donald Trump, but upon further evaluations, one may see that tensions have risen to unprecedented levels. Whether he lobs a nuclear weapon or simply makes idle threats via twitter, the leader of North Korea is more than a threat. He's established a position in the international arena that threatens both the US and its allies (Japan, South Korea, and China to a lesser extent).

5) Do you have anyone to thank for this book?

My family for educating me, friends for the political conversations, and Lizzy for putting this on her blog! The link to it online is:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Tiger's Heart by Marissa Dobson

The Tiger's Heart by Marissa Dobson

Series: Alaskan Tigers Book Two

Genre: Paranormal Romance

When Raja Harrison, Lieutenant of the Alaskan Tigers, rescues Bethany from kidnappers, nothing will ever the same. It should’ve been an easy rescue, instead he finds she’s not only injured—she’s his mate. He’d always believed his job was too dangerous to risk having a woman in his life. Now Bethany threatens what’s left of his fragile control. A rogue shifter wants Bethany Thompson and is determined to destroy all she holds dear, along with the tiger shifter population. When she’s kidnapped and beaten, her whole world tilts on its axis. The shifter problems now are her problems as her family secret comes to light. Can Raja and Bethany join forces with the other Elders of the Alaskan Tigers to bring down the rogue shifter—or will the rogue destroy all Raja seeks to protect?

Download your copy of The Tiger's Heart now on Amazon.

The complete Alaskan Tigers series is on Kindle Unlimited.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cupid's Arrow Vol 2 Authors

Valentine’s Day encompasses romance for all ages. People go out of their way to show their affection for the one they love with flowers, candy, perhaps a special meal. Just how did this day come to be?

Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the third century, when Emperor Claudius III of Rom decided young men made better soldiers than those with wives and families to care for. Valentine, a young man who preached the word, felt this was injustice at its worst. He defied the emperor and secretly performed marriages for young lovers in secret. Once his actions were discovered, the emperor ordered he be put to death.

Today, we honor his memory by celebrating romance with the one we love. To honor St. Valentine, Solstice Publishing presents Cupid’s Arrow Vol. 2, a collection of tales of love.

An essence of bliss makes everything delicious.

Her last word before kissing him was, “Hush.”

Never say never...

She's not your grandmother's matchmaker.

Separated by the winds of war

They meet time after time…

Can love possibly come again?

Real life isn't a fairy tale... or is it?

Love is a wonderful spell.

Love is a special feeling between couples. The sweetness of caring deeply for each other. A waterfall of romance is brought to you E.B. Sullivan, Jeffery Martin Botzenhart, A.A. Schenna, Adam Zorzi, K.C. Sprayberry, A.J. Kohler, Veronica Peters, Noelle Myers, and Palvi Sharma